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SCMC of Iowa, Inc

The Second Chance M.C. name and patch (colors) is associated with motorcycles, sobriety and recovery. Its also something we take seriously to preserve and protect!

The name "Second Chance M.C." and other things associated with that name is legally owned by Second Chance M.C. of Iowa and cannot be used by anyone, or for any purpose in the United States without written authorization of Second Chance M.C. of Iowa, Inc.

This legal ownership covers all 50 states.


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SCMC Event Flyers

The 2018 Run List is now available on-line.

The SCMC 2018 Labor Day Weekend Camp-out is back on the SCMC Run List this year. Similar to our Memorial Weekend Campout, the Labor Day Weekend Camp-out is also a tremendous weekend of fun and fellowship. Your support is very much needed and appreciated. Please make plans to join us Labor Day Weekend 2018 at the SCMC Camp-ground just outside Eldon, IA!

SCMC would like to thank you for your past support and hope to see you again real soon.

Second Chance Motorcycle Club (SCMC) is a fellowship of recovering alcoholics who have a common interest in motorcycles. SCMC, by providing a safe, family oriented, and sober environment, allows its members a second chance to enjoy various aspects of motorcycling.

SCMC adheres to the twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and each member of SCMC is also a member of a twelve step recovery program. As such, most of SCMC's events are centered around recovery functions.

If you are interested in becoming part of SCMC, attend some of our events and talk with a current member about the process and requirements!

If you want to drink alcohol, that is your business. But if you want to stop and can not, maybe we can help.

In the Spotlight

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Congratulations to our newest SCMC Member John S.!

Also, welcome to our SCMC newest Prospects and hang arounds. We hope you'll keep coming back!

2018 Run List

The 2018 Run List is now available! Check the list often as changes may be made throughout the year.

Thank you for your support!

  SCMC of Iowa, Inc
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Second Chance M.C. is recognized as being the oldest sober M.C. in the State of Iowa, a distinction we're proud of! SCMC Members continue to honor and respect our past while working today to preserve the mission and purpose our Club founder's envisioned which was to create and maintain a fellowship of recovering alcoholics who share a common interest in motorcycles.